The Sixx Mixx

This was pure gold in it's time
Updated: January 2024

Back in the early 2000’s the Friday Sixx Mixx show on Live 105 was amazing. I had a “Radio Shark” tuner attached to my computer so I could record it when I wasn’t around. This one is my favorite:

Party Ben / Sixx Mixx 95: Rebellious Edition (Lies) (mp3 )
Press play, close your eyes, and imagine life in the early 2000s...

As was the thing to do at the time, I included it on a mix CD that I was giving away at an ultimate tournament. One year later at the same tournament a German guy ran up to me and said “that mix changed my life! I listen to it every morning on my bike commute and every day is amazing now!”

He’s not wrong.

Happily, Party Ben has created a page for the sixx mixx1. Each episode has a little blurb and review. It’s a fun trip back through the birth of the mashup era. Though he’s much too humble - he bottled lightning during the years when a great mashup could blow your mind.


  1. In case it goes away, there is the backup.