Songs that will always mean something to me. For better or worse.

MisterWives / SUPERBLOOM (mp3)

A pick me up song from the delta quarantine summer. Someday this will end and I'll be able to deal with more challenging music. Until then, turn this all the way up and dance!

Go Team / Cookie Scene (mp3)

After a spring of quarantine this song came out when we escaped to a place with a pool, and it's pure summer joy. There's nothing a good flute loop can't fix.

Lizzo / Cause I Love You (mp3)

The way this track comes in like a heart attack and has one of my favorite lines of all time 'What the fuck are fuckin feelings, yo?'

Fifth Harmony / Worth It (feat. Kid Ink) (mp3)

When we moved to Tunisia, getting settled was hard. The radio played this song constantly, and the klesmer riff became a happy joke. To be clear, it's a terrible song.

Flo Rida / Low ft. T-Pain (mp3)

When I first started coaching the Pie Queens, this song was the thing. And it somehow remained a thing for a long while with them, and therefore me.

Run The Jewels / Banana Clip (mp3)

During a rough period of time at work, I needed this song every morning to rinse the spectere of defeat from my mind.

Caro Emerald / That Man (mp3)

Electro Swing was my everything for a summer

Radiohead / 15 Step (mp3)

It's a magical moment when the guitar comes in and smooths out the static.

Stevie Ray Vaughn / Pride and Joy (mp3)

Our wedding song, awesome swing dance memories.

Jill Scott / Golden (mp3)

While going through a long job interview process at Google, I'd loop this song over and over on drive to Mountain View. Almost got hired.

Luce / Good Day (mp3)

Randomly heard this song on KFOG, and it's become a longtime companion for happy afternoons.

PJ Harvey / This Mess We're In (mp3)

When Sara and I started seriously dating long distance, this was our 'Ha Ha, we're fucked' theme song.

Musiq / Religious (mp3)

If I know you, you've heard this song. Heard it first back in Philly in the 90's I love love love its modern R&B / Gospel groove

DJ Earworm / No One Takes Your Freedom (mp3)

Was very into mashups (And still kinda am!). This is one of my favorites, it's got so many good songs and pace changes, md is build around Freedom '90, one of the greatest songs of all time.

Herbaliser / Mission Improbable (mp3)

The combo of story, groove, and an awesome MC (Jean Grae). I'd never heard anything like it, and listened to it like a million times.

Beatnuts / Watch Out Now (mp3)

On a road trip from Philly to New Hope, I was introduced to the Beatnuts by Looby. It began the era of DJ 10 Fingers and the 700 Club.

Elliot Smith / Waltz #2 (mp3)

Actually waltzing through PHL (circa 2001) on the way to Italy with this in my headphones. Day drunk on gin and tonic in my nalgene.

Tom Waits / Ol '55 (mp3)

my father used to sing me this song at bedtime when I was little. I liked it so much that I would pretend to sleep so that he would think it worked.

Handsome Boy Modeling School / Holy Calamity (mp3)

I named an ultimate frisbee team after this song. That team eventually became the Honed Melons, winners of 5 international beach tournaments, and a couple east coast grass. tourneys 'All you're ever gonna be / is just another giant fan of me'

Sloan / Money City Maniacs (mp3)

Driving around Boston in Allen's black Golf talking about the woman who would become his wife and too much tequila at a bar with board games.

Geggy Tah / Whoever You Are (mp3)

Saw the video on MTV, loved the song for just the whisper of a hip hop beat mixing with indie guitars. Was maybe my first foray into quirky music? The album is all over the place, with recordings from answering machines and other 90's hallmarks.