got to go round


Lizzo:Cause I Love You
The way this track comes in like a heart attack and has one of my favorite lines of all time "What the fuck are fuckin feelings, yo?"
Fifth Harmony:Worth It (feat. Kid Ink)
When we moved to Tunisia, getting settled was hard. The radio played this song constantly, and the klesmer riff became a happy joke. To be clear, it's a terrible song.
Run The Jewels:Banana Clip
During a rough period of time at work, I needed this song every morning to rinse the spectere of defeat from my mind.
Caro Emerald:That Man
Electro Swing was my spirit animal for a summer
Radiohead:15 Step
It's a magical moment when the guitar comes in and smooths out the static.
Stevie Ray Vaughn:Pride and Joy
Our wedding song, awesome swing dance memories.
Jill Scott:Golden
While going through a long job interview process at Google, I'd loop this song over and over on drive to Mountain View. Almost got hired.
Luce:Good Day
Randomly heard this song on KFOG, and it's become a longtime companion for happy afternoons.
PJ Harvey:This Mess We're In
When Sara and I started seriously dating long distance, this was our "Ha Ha, we're fucked" theme song.
If I know you, you've heard this song. Heard it first back in Philly in the 90's I love love love its modern R&B / Gospel groove
Herbaliser:Mission Improbable
The combo of story, groove, and an awesome MC (Jean Grae). I'd never heard anything like it, and listened to it like a million times.
Beatnuts:Watch Out Now
On a road trip from Philly to New Hope, I was introduced to the Beatnuts by Looby. It began the era of DJ 10 Fingers and the 700 Club.
Elliot Smith:Waltz
Actually waltzing through PHL (circa 2001) on the way to Italy with this in my headphones. Day drunk on gin and tonic in my nalgene.
Tom Waits:Ol '55
my father used to sing me this song at bedtime when I was little. I liked it so much that I would pretend to sleep so that he would think it worked.
Handsome Boy Modeling School:Holy Calamity
I named an above average frisbee team after this song. "All you're ever gonna be / is just another giant fan of me"
Sloan:Money City Maniacs
Driving around Boston in Allen's black Golf talking about the woman who would become his wife and too much tequila at a bar with board games.