Yoga Superblock

Big and wonderful, just like me!
Updated: March 2024

Yoga is great! Especially for tall folks who get smushed into small spaces. But actually doing yoga is tricky if your equipment doesn’t match your size. First easy step is to get an XL Yoga Mat. The linked one is nice because it’s not just taller it’s wider too.

But the key thing, and one that took me a while to realize, is that I need extra big yoga blocks. Like way bigger. The one I’ve found is appropriately called a “SUPERBLOCK” and it’s kinda like having 4 yoga blocks stacked together. It’s roughly 6 x 9 x 13 inches. Using it has really helped my stability when doing twisting and balance poses. Because, not only am I tall, I’m inflexible! I can put it under my chest in a Child’s Pose and actually feel supported. I can do a Triangle pose without having to try and balance on my fingertips on the top of a block. No more need to stack blocks or wobble around!

A Superblock and 4 yoga blocks

A superblock and 4 regular yoga blocks

A foot standing on a superblock

It’s firm. My size 14 foot and full 270lb weight standing on a superblock

A triangle pose

Superblock helping me with my triangle pose

Now, it is a little clumsy to move around due to it’s size, but the foam is light and firm without being too hard (cork blocks I’m looking at you).

Yoga SUPERBLOCK. It’s gigantic and I love it.