When I started intermittent fasting, popcorn as a snack was the thing that made it all work. Drink a glass of water alongside and feel very full for very few calories and a nice dose of a whole grain. This is my recipe, I usually run it twice for a week of snacking:

A large bowl of popcorn

1 Cup of popcorn is this much!


  1. Popped Kernels can get big, so start with a bigger pot1 until you have a sense of volume
  2. Heat the oil in a big pot with a couple of kernels.
  3. Wait until the initial kernels pop
  4. Dump in the rest of the popcorn, and:
    1. Gently shake the pot to keep the un-popped kernels at the bottom near the heat and to keep the popped kernels from burning
    2. Cover the pot with something that breathes (kitchen towel, sieve, regular lid with a bit of space to vent). If you contain the steam the popcorn will come out too chewy. If you don’t cover the pot, popcorn will go everywhere. This is the challenge with popcorn.
  5. Once the pops are a few seconds apart turn off the heat
  6. Dump the popcorn into a big bowl
  7. Add the nutritional yeast and salt to taste
  8. Once it’s cooled, dump it all into a big zip lock bag, and enjoy until it’s gone or gets too stale. If you keep the bag closed, it lasts a while.


Amount Measure Ingredient Notes
1/2 Cup Popcorn I’ve found Red Mill White kernels to be the fluffiest and least chewy2
~2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil Basically enough to cover the bottom of the pan without drowning the kernels. Coconut oil is a good oil, but not too much3
To Taste Nutritional Yeast Red Mill sells this too - adds a nice parmesan-y flavor with other heathy good side effects
To Taste Salt Don’t go too heavy, it’s hard to un-salt something

That’s it, enjoy!

  1. Somehow in life we ended up with an Asparagus Steamer despite being on team “asparagus should be roasted”. Happily it’s perfect for popcorn ↩︎

  2. It’s weirdly expensive on Amazon, I order mine from Swansons ↩︎

  3. Though if you wanna punch it up, use more oil. That’s the way to get really tasty popcorn ↩︎