Back in the early 2000’s, as a super fan of mashups, the Friday Sixx Mixx show on Live 105 was amazing. It was so good I bought a tuner for my computer so I could record it when I wasn’t around.

This one is my favorite:

Party Ben / Sixx Mixx 95: Rebellious Edition (Lies) (mp3)

I included it on a mix CD that I was giving away at an ultimate tournament. A year later, a guy who I’d given the CD to ran up to me: “that mix changed my life. I listen to it every morning on my bike commute and every day is amazing now!” So there’s at least two of us who like this mix.

The host, Party Ben, has created a page for the sixx mixx1. Each episode has a little blurb and review. It’s a fun trip back through the birth of the mashup era. Though he’s much too humble - he bottled lightning for the years when a great mashup could blow your mind.

  1. In case it goes away, there is the backup↩︎