A nice way to keep track of website performance in a way that non technical people can understand. It was built for two reasons:

  1. To make it easy for developers to monitor the performance of pages they work on to celebrate improvements

  2. Enable dashboards to easily integrate meaningful performance data

screenshot of webpgetest charts

Regular WebpageTest’s interface is hard to navigate and understand, by reducing it to an api (though chart focused), tools can be built on top of the pretty impressive data.

Other tools exist that do this, but, like WebpageTest itself, tend to overload the user with data which makes decisions tricky. Here Google’s PageSpeed score is the charting measure, and the filmstrip view is provided to be able to tie the abstract score (“what does a score of 5938 mean?") with a customer experience (“Ooooh.").

How to install?

This project has two components, an API that supplies the data from the WebpageTest runs, and a demo (but fully functional) chart dashboard powered by the API. Installation involves setting up the API, getting it running with some data, and then installing the Dashboard UI and pointing it at the API. Complete installation details are in the README of the repositories:

  1. Get the API running

  2. Then install the dashboard UI